Which roles are played by Adriana Agcaoili | Characters played by Adriana Agcaoili

Adriana Agcaoili has played the role of Chique in Behind Enemy Lines Film released in 1997.

Lia in Dark Tide Film released in 1994.

Mrs. Sevilla in Dinig sana kita Film released in 2009.

Tina in El c�nsul de Sodoma Film released in 2009.

Young Thai Nun in Fortunes of War Film released in 1994.

TV Soap Writer in Hubad Film released in 2008.

Becky in Imoral Film released in 2008.

Townspeople in Independencia Film released in 2009.

Mai in Rage Film released in 1994.

Elena in Sandalang bahay Film released in 2005.

Sherry in Satsujinsha - Uragiri no kyoudan Film released in 1999.

Ate Jojie in Batibot TV Series released in 1984.

Elisa in Elias Paniki TV Series released in 2010.

Libay's Sister in May bukas pa TV Series released in 2009.

Luna Dimaguiba in Tanging yaman TV Series released in 2010.

Which roles are played by Adriana Agcaoili, name the characters played by Adriana Agcaoili, list of roles potrayed by Adriana Agcaoili

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