Which roles are played by Al Matthews | Characters played by Al Matthews

Al Matthews has played the role of Sgt. Apone in Aliens Film released in 1986.

Sgt. Al Apone in Aliens: Colonial Marines Film released in 2013.

Morrisey in American Roulette Film released in 1988.

Frank in Bad Loser Film released in 1977.

First U.S. Controller in Defence of the Realm Film released in 1986.

Winston Smith in Excuse Me But That's My Car Film released in 1987.

1st Hood in Funny Money Film released in 1983.

Col. Shannon J.Hardaway in Operation Flashpoint: Red River Film released in 2011.

U.S. DJ in Out of Order Film released in 1987.

Maitre D' in Ragtime Film released in 1981.

Ferguson in Rough Cut Film released in 1980.

Grover Cleveland in Soul Survivors TV Film released in 1995.

Radio DJ in Stormy Monday Film released in 1988.

Himself in Superior Firepower: The Making of 'Aliens' Video released in 2003.

Fire Chief in Superman III Film released in 1983.

Benedict in The American Way Film released in 1986.

Wesley Sorenson in The Apocalypse Watch TV Film released in 1997.

Himself in The Butterfly Ball Film released in 1977.

General Tudor in The Fifth Element Film released in 1997.

Workman in The Final Conflict Film released in 1981.

Narrator in The Making of 'Superman III' TV Film released in 1983.

Viet Nam Veteran in The Sender Film released in 1982.

Master Sergeant 3 in Tomorrow Never Dies Film released in 1997.

Black G.I. at dance in Yanks Film released in 1979.

Oxford St. John in BBC2 Playhouse TV Series released in 1973.

American punter in Big Deal TV Series released in 1984.

Sgt. Apone in Cinemassacre's Monster Madness TV Series released in 2007.

Reverend Marvin Jones in Desmond's TV Series released in 1989.

J.P. Coates in Ellington TV Series released in 1996.

Mr. Green in Grange Hill TV Series released in 1978.

Uwlie Cooper in London Embassy TV Series released in 1987.

Billy in Nancy Astor TV Series released in 1982.

Himself - Green Bay Packers Strong Safety in NFL Monday Night Football TV Series released in 1970.

Dube in Saracen TV Series released in 1989.

Curtis Duchamps in Screen Two TV Series released in 1985.

Newscaster in Shelley TV Series released in 1979.

Admiral in The Comic Strip Presents... TV Series released in 1982.

Himself - Seattle Seahawks Strong Safety in The NFL on CBS TV Series released in 1956.

Himself - Green Bay Packers Strong Safety in The NFL on CBS TV Series released in 1956.

Faroud in The Professionals TV Series released in 1977.

Fool in Top of the Pops TV Series released in 1964.

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