Which roles are played by Alex Essoe | Characters played by Alex Essoe

Alex Essoe has played the role of Sofia in Boy Toy Film released in 2011.

Patient Zero in CUUSHE: Lost My Way Film released in 2013.

Amber in Dancing with Shadows Film released in 2012.

Helena in Ecstasy Film released in 2011.

Sophie in Faceless Film released in 2016.

Elyse Maiers in Free to Go Film released in 2008.

Angelus Doan in GHB Film released in 2008.

Supporting in Keep Yourself Alive Film released in 2013.

Girl in Waiting Room in L!fe Happens Film released in 2011.

Susan in Maternal Bonds Film released in 2015.

Audrey in Passion Play Film released in 2010.

Nurse Iris in Polaris Film released in 2015.

Sarah in Starry Eyes Film released in 2014.

Counsellor in Surviving Crooked Lake Film released in 2008.

Alyssa in Crash TV Series released in 2008.

Model #1 in House of Lies TV Series released in 2012.

Herself - Guest in Last Call with Carson Daly TV Series released in 2002.

Young Bride in Reaper TV Series released in 2007.

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