Which roles are played by Alex Wraith | Characters played by Alex Wraith

Alex Wraith has played the role of Troy in Avec Le Temps Film released in 2014.

Himself in Behind the Scenes with Interviews of Ninja's Creed Video released in 2010.

Cowboy in Chinaman's Chance: America's Other Slaves Film released in 2008.

Louis Joseph in Eminem: Guts Over Fear Film released in 2015.

El Guapo in Enter the Fist: The Legacy of the Dragon Film released in 2017.

Praveen in Good Sharma Film released in 2010.

Alex in Greystone Park Film released in 2012.

Bartender in Hitch Film released in 2005.

Mike Kilik in Kickbox Film released in 2016.

Patient in Kinsey Film released in 2004.

Yassin Salem in Lady Magdalene's Film released in 2008.

Joe Namath in Monday Night Mayhem TV Film released in 2002.

Lincoln Rothchild in Paranormal Activity Security Squad Film released in 2015.

Adam Arthavan in Royal Kill Film released in 2009.

Sam/Sniper in Savages Film released in 2012.

Nightclub Waiter in Sex and the City 2 Film released in 2010.

Detective Jones in Shish Kabob Film released in 2011.

Cop Utility Room in Taken 3 Film released in 2014.

Mohammed in The Imperialists Are Still Alive! Film released in 2010.

ZAC in Tied to a Chair Film released in 2011.

Alvaro in U-neun nam-ja Film released in 2014.

Jake's Friend in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps Film released in 2010.

Bartender in Winter Passing Film released in 2005.

Chad in Eye Candy TV Series released in 2015.

Oscar Hallis in Grey's Anatomy TV Series released in 2005.

Roger in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit TV Series released in 1999.

Himself in MoreHorror in Hollywood TV Series released in 2011.

Lt. Gorman in NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service TV Series released in 2003.

Vasily in Orange Is the New Black TV Series released in 2013.

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