Which roles are played by Alexandra LeMosle | Characters played by Alexandra LeMosle

Alexandra LeMosle has played the role of Diana in Coyote Film released in 2010.

Noelle in Exhausted Film released in 2011.

Antonella in Grand Cru Film released in 2010.

Olivia in Night Bloom Film released in 2010.

Michelle in Smokey Eyes Film released in 2014.

Dr. Love in The Date Night Video released in 2013.

Marie Antoinette in Tools 4 Fools Film released in 2009.

Denice in All My Children TV Series released in 1970.

The egyptian mother in Biblical Mysteries Explained TV Series released in 2008.

Party guest in Dirty Sexy Money TV Series released in 2007.

Susan in Flashforward TV Series released in 2009.

Julia in Las Vegas TV Series released in 2003.

Crystal in Novel Research TV Series released in 2013.

Bar patron in Samantha Who? TV Series released in 2007.

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