Which roles are played by Allan Malamud | Characters played by Allan Malamud

Allan Malamud has played the role of Reporter in Blue Chips Film released in 1994.

Mud in Cobb Film released in 1994.

Caterer in Down and Out in Beverly Hills Film released in 1986.

Eddie in Fair Game TV Film released in 1989.

Reporter in Fever Pitch Film released in 1985.

Reporter at Jake's House in Raging Bull Film released in 1980.

Second Newsman in Ring of Passion TV Film released in 1978.

Storyteller in Bar in Sketches of a Strangler Film released in 1978.

Reporter in Talent for the Game Film released in 1991.

U.S. Open Reporter in Tin Cup Film released in 1996.

Richard Andrews, the Rocket Scientist in White Men Can't Jump Film released in 1992.

Which roles are played by Allan Malamud, name the characters played by Allan Malamud, list of roles potrayed by Allan Malamud

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