Which roles are played by Alonzo F. Jones | Characters played by Alonzo F. Jones

Alonzo F. Jones has played the role of Screenwriter in Artist Monologues Film released in 2014.

Delivery Man in Breakin' All the Rules Film released in 2004.

Ron Doe in Contrast Film released in 2014.

Stan in Edges of Darkness Video released in 2008.

Elijah Gooden in Eli's Liquor Store Film released in 2007.

Doctor in Freedomland Film released in 2006.

Mombasan Casino Staff in Inception Film released in 2010.

Customer in Invincible Scripture Video released in 2009.

Impatient Customer in Invincible Scripture Film released in 2010.

Jackson in Shelter: A Monster Movie Film released in 2009.

Restaurant Patron in Shopgirl Film released in 2005.

BJ in Should've Put a Ring on It Film released in 2011.

Daryl in Sunday School Video released in 2008.

Arguing Husband in Take Film released in 2007.

Henry Krugman in The Bagman Video released in 2002.

Deacon Johnson in The Greatest Song Film released in 2009.

Inmate in The Shawshank Redemption Film released in 1994.

Network Executive in The TV Set Film released in 2006.

Franklin in Trap Film released in 2010.

Student Union Student in The Parkers TV Series released in 1999.

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