Which roles are played by Anne Mari | Characters played by Anne Mari

Anne Mari has played the role of Party Guest in Ashita ga aru sa: The Movie Film released in 2002.

Hatsuko in Jid�sha dorob� Film released in 1964.

Woman at Mahjong Bar in Joze to tora to sakana tachi Film released in 2003.

Ayako in Kokusai himitsu keisatsu: Zettai zetsumei Film released in 1967.

Misako Nakaj? in Koroshi no rakuin Film released in 1967.

Julie in Nippon gerira jidai Film released in 1968.

Michiko Yashiro in The spiders no dai-shingeki Film released in 1968.

Mari in Zankoku onna j�shi Film released in 1970.

Pati in Urutoraman: K�s� tokusatsu shir�zu TV Series released in 1966.

Which roles are played by Anne Mari, name the characters played by Anne Mari, list of roles potrayed by Anne Mari

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