Which roles are played by Arthur O\'Sullivan | Characters played by Arthur O\'Sullivan

Arthur O\'Sullivan has played the role of Mr. Fiske in A War of Children TV Film released in 1972.

Captain Feeny, the Highwayman in Barry Lyndon Film released in 1975.

James Brady in Girl with Green Eyes Film released in 1964.

Inspector Lawrence in L'iguana dalla lingua di fuoco Film released in 1971.

Mike Fitzgerald in Mystery Submarine Film released in 1963.

actor 'Ryan's Daughter' in Robert Mitchum: The Reluctant Star Film released in 1991.

Mr. McCardle in Ryan's Daughter Film released in 1970.

Hangman ('Himself') in The Quare Fellow Film released in 1962.

Old Man at Tax-Enquiry in The Viking Queen Film released in 1967.

Foreman in Young Cassidy Film released in 1965.

Joseph Feeney in BBC2 Play of the Week TV Series released in 1977.

Captain Purcell in Insurrection TV Series released in 1966.

Morgue attendant in ITV Playhouse TV Series released in 1967.

Proboscis in ITV Television Playhouse TV Series released in 1955.

Beggar in Once Upon a Time TV Series released in 1973.

Dockside pub landlord in Play for Today TV Series released in 1970.

Eddie Mick in Play for Today TV Series released in 1970.

Sailor Clancy in Teems of Times TV Series released in 1978.

Old Man Cassidy in Theatre 625 TV Series released in 1964.

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