Which roles are played by Ashley Lynn Switzer | Characters played by Ashley Lynn Switzer

Ashley Lynn Switzer has played the role of Claire Davis in Boiling Pot Film released in 2014.

young Holly in Breaking the Circle Film released in 2010.

Ashley in Handbag Film released in 2012.

Abigail in My Christmas Wish Film released in 2014.

Naomi in Naomi's Song Film released in 2012.

Jessica in One for You and One for Me Film released in 2010.

Young Q in Operation: CTF Film released in 2012.

Grace in Ruby Slippers Film released in 2011.

Tina in T is for Temptation Film released in 2011.

Amanda in The House Film released in 2012.

Amanda in Ties That Bind Film released in 2011.

Abby in iCarly TV Series released in 2007.

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