Which roles are played by Audrey O\'Flynn | Characters played by Audrey O\'Flynn

Audrey O\'Flynn has played the role of Mrs. Possett in Rookery Nook TV Film released in 1953.

Maid in Shall We Join the Ladies? TV Film released in 1939.

Salon assistant in That Dangerous Age Film released in 1949.

Lady in The Disagreeable Man TV Film released in 1953.

Mrs. Crowley in Two Left Feet Film released in 1963.

Mrs. Harris in Amelia TV Series released in 1961.

Miss Beatty in Drama 61-67 TV Series released in 1961.

Mrs. Monks in Over to William TV Series released in 1956.

Mrs. Shaw in Sherlock Holmes TV Series released in 1964.

Miss Fairweather in Silk, Satin, Cotton, Rags TV Series released in 1952.

2nd Lady in The Citadel TV Series released in 1960.

Lady Penn in The Diary of Samuel Pepys TV Series released in 1958.

Mrs. Bentley in The Infamous John Friend TV Series released in 1959.

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