Which roles are played by Bernhard Forcher | Characters played by Bernhard Forcher

Bernhard Forcher has played the role of Gabriel in Arden Film released in 2012.

Sean in August Film released in 2011.

Gates in Boys of Abu Ghraib Film released in 2014.

Malik in Dark Steel Video released in 2012.

Gordon Freeman in Enter the Freeman Film released in 2012.

Detective Mathieu in Extracted Film released in 2012.

John Newton in Freedom Film released in 2014.

Sturmbannfuhrer Muller in Fury Film released in 2014.

Jude in He She We Film released in 2010.

Adien/Hitler in I'm Afraid I Am Hitler Film released in 2008.

Greg Jenkins in Qualia Film released in 2012.

Bill in Salt Water Film released in 0.

Patrick in The Neighbors Film released in 2010.

Troglodyte in The Reformed Troglodyte Film released in 2011.

Hans Tavitian in Grimm TV Series released in 2011.

Tavitian in Grimm TV Series released in 2011.

Eckhart in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Ambassador Hugo Reiss in The Man in the High Castle TV Series released in 2015.

Himself in Zibb TV Series released in 2003.

Which roles are played by Bernhard Forcher, name the characters played by Bernhard Forcher, list of roles potrayed by Bernhard Forcher

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