Which roles are played by Bren Allison | Characters played by Bren Allison

Bren Allison has played the role of Director in 6 Degrees of Desperation Film released in 2009.

Jaylee Stanton in Chosen Film released in 2004.

Peach in Curse of the Jackalope Video released in 2005.

Herself in How to Make a Zombie Movie Film released in 2012.

Caroler in I'll Be Homeless for Christmas Film released in 2012.

Jaquelin in Jack O'Lantern Film released in 2004.

Restaurant Patron in Last Sunset Film released in 2006.

Party Guest in My Super Psycho Sweet 16 TV Film released in 2009.

Peach in Return of the Jackalope Film released in 2006.

Murder Victim in Stragglers Film released in 2004.

Nurse in The Other Side Film released in 2006.

Pregnant Yoga Woman in This Is a Test Film released in 2013.

Bar Patron in October Road TV Series released in 2007.

Team Atlanta Cast in The 48 Hour Film Showdown TV Series released in 2009.

Elf Witch Gin in Witch Hunters Extraordinaire TV Series released in 2002.

Which roles are played by Bren Allison, name the characters played by Bren Allison, list of roles potrayed by Bren Allison

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