Which roles are played by Brendan McCormack | Characters played by Brendan McCormack

Brendan McCormack has played the role of David in 8.5 Hours Film released in 2008.

Ciaran in A Kiss for Jed Wood Film released in 2011.

Young Garda in Bachelors Walk Christmas Special TV Film released in 2006.

Tiernan Fitzpatrick in Belonging to Laura Film released in 2009.

Michael in Corduroy Film released in 2009.

Max in Dark Wake Video released in 2008.

Leading Man in I Hate Musicals!: The Musical Film released in 2010.

Tony in Include Me Out of the Partisans Manifesto Film released in 2012.

John in Little Foxes Film released in 2009.

Fishery Board George in Ondine Film released in 2009.

Father William in River of Darkness Film released in 2011.

Garda Ronan Burke in Sensation Film released in 2010.

Irish in Shade's Last Run Video released in 2010.

Shay in The Daisy Chain Film released in 2008.

Michael in The Red Bear Film released in 2012.

Hunter in Tufty Film released in 2009.

PJ Considine in Fallout TV Series released in 2006.

Vardis Egen in Game of Thrones TV Series released in 2011.

D.J. in Love Is the Drug TV Series released in 2004.

Mr. George in Primeval TV Series released in 2007.

Bouncer in Pure Mule TV Series released in 2005.

Chris in Raw TV Series released in 2008.

Sean in Single-Handed TV Series released in 2007.

Shaymo Connelly in The Clinic Film released in 2003.

Paramedic in The Clinic Film released in 2003.

Captain in The Tudors TV Series released in 2007.

Himself in Xpos� TV Series released in 2007.

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