Which roles are played by Brendan Wayne | Characters played by Brendan Wayne

Brendan Wayne has played the role of Chill Officer in A Midsummer Night's Rave Film released in 2002.

Randy in Angel and the Bad Man TV Film released in 2009.

Barry Price in Barry Price Film released in 2014.

John in Chinaman's Chance: America's Other Slaves Film released in 2008.

Clete in Clown Hunt Film released in 2008.

Drunk Guy in Couples Retreat Film released in 2009.

Charlie Lyle in Cowboys & Aliens Film released in 2011.

FBI Agent in Fast & Furious Film released in 2009.

Devin in Fear Within Film released in 2004.

Spc. Pendilla in Home of the Brave Film released in 2006.

ACO Tanner in Hotel for Dogs Film released in 2009.

Himself in Igniting the Sky: The Making of Cowboys & Aliens Video released in 2011.

Will in Mouth of Caddo Film released in 2008.

Himself in Mouth of Caddo: The Legend of Hell's Gate - Behind the Scenes Video released in 2008.

Mechanic in Mr. Fix It Film released in 2006.

Matt in One in Eight Film released in 2011.

S.W.A.T Techie in S.W.A.T. Film released in 2003.

Party Host in Searching for Mise en Place Film released in 2006.

J.W. Barkley in The Legend of Hell's Gate: An American Conspiracy Film released in 2011.

Cole in The Red House Film released in 2014.

Jiaying's Assistant in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Series released in 2013.

Mike in Angel TV Series released in 1999.

Manny Ganz in Cold Case TV Series released in 2003.

Dustin Lightfoot in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation TV Series released in 2000.

Hollister in Edge of Normal TV Series released in 2013.

Renny in Sons of Anarchy TV Series released in 2008.

Roy in The Closer TV Series released in 2005.

Lydon in The Mentalist TV Series released in 2008.

Officer Hawk in Valley Peaks TV Series released in 2009.

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