Which roles are played by Bruce (VI) Green | Characters played by Bruce (VI) Green

Bruce (VI) Green has played the role of Pirate Johnny in Color Me Olsen Film released in 2007.

Harrison Podder in Let's Do This! TV Film released in 2011.

Cracker in Nice !@#$%^&*!ing Legacy, Dad! Film released in 1994.

Sherman in Ri�hie Ri�h Film released in 1994.

Ferrone (segment: "Battmann Unplugged") in Smile If You Want More Film released in 1994.

Sleazy Guy in The Brothers Solomon Film released in 2007.

Bruce in The Ward Film released in 2009.

Harold Parmalee in True Grit Film released in 2010.

Rabbi Schachtel in Donna's Revenge TV Series released in 2010.

Tim in Eagleheart TV Series released in 2010.

Various in MADtv TV Series released in 1995.

Gary in Parks and Recreation TV Series released in 2009.

Two-Faced Demon in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Angry Man in The Neighbors TV Series released in 2012.

Guest Performer in The Sports Bar TV Series released in 1996.

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