Which roles are played by Buffy Dee | Characters played by Buffy Dee

Buffy Dee has played the role of Police Lieutenant in All Fall Down Film released in 1962.

Receiver in Extralarge: Diamonds TV Film released in 1993.

C.B. in Hardly Working Film released in 1980.

Tony Lacava in Lady Ice Film released in 1973.

Barney in Mako: The Jaws of Death Film released in 1976.

Pancho in Miami Supercops Film released in 1985.

Rambo in Miss Caribe Film released in 1988.

Bucks in Murph the Surf Film released in 1975.

K1 in Nati con la camicia Film released in 1983.

Kimberly's 3rd client in Nightmare Beach Film released in 1989.

Bazooka Himself in Peeper Film released in 1976.

Ticket seller with turban on fair in Poliziotto superpi´┐Ż Film released in 1980.

Kidnapper in Superfantagenio Film released in 1986.

Tuskey in Caribe TV Series released in 1975.

Catonsky in Kojak TV Series released in 1973.

Mickey in Miami Vice TV Series released in 1984.

Which roles are played by Buffy Dee, name the characters played by Buffy Dee, list of roles potrayed by Buffy Dee

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