Which roles are played by Carleen Troy | Characters played by Carleen Troy

Carleen Troy has played the role of Phyllis in Emotions Film released in 2010.

Shareece in Hard to Be Me Film released in 2010.

Ex-girlfriend in Jimmy Traynor: The Reading Video released in 2010.

Amy in Lily Deja Vu Film released in 2011.

Tiffany in Live and Die Video released in 2009.

Sorority Sister in Lives and Deaths of the Poets Film released in 2011.

Dr. Rochelle Bishop in MoDoM Film released in 2009.

Vera in Rewind Film released in 2015.

Teresa in Second Chance Video released in 2010.

Prostitute in The Midnight Disease Video released in 2010.

Eva Yarbrough in Testify TV Series released in 2010.

Monticello/UVA Tourist in Up to Speed TV Series released in 2012.

Which roles are played by Carleen Troy, name the characters played by Carleen Troy, list of roles potrayed by Carleen Troy

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