Which roles are played by Charles (X) Reynolds | Characters played by Charles (X) Reynolds

Charles (X) Reynolds has played the role of Courtroom Audience in 8 Days Film released in 2014.

Richie in American Gangster Film released in 2012.

Conference Attendee in Bob Birdnow's Remarkable Tale of Human Survival and the Transcendence of Self Film released in 2013.

Patrolman Krutzer in Esther: Never Again Film released in 2012.

Whipsaw in Firewater Film released in 2013.

Construction Worker in I Am... Gabriel Video released in 2012.

Zombie in Van in Let There Be Zombies Film released in 2014.

Notre Dame Coach in My All American Film released in 2015.

Newspaper Editor in Pot Zombies 2: More Pot, Less Plot Film released in 2012.

Therapist in Session 31 Film released in 2014.

Citizen #1 in The 82 Peddler Film released in 2012.

Police Officer #1 in The Infliction Film released in 2012.

Detective #2 in The Mannequin Film released in 2012.

Andy Dufresne in The Shawshank Redemption Film released in 0.

IIC Agent in Wonderkind Film released in 2015.

Ewing Energy Employee in Dallas TV Series released in 2012.

Prison Guard in Dallas TV Series released in 2012.

Campaign Supporter in Dallas TV Series released in 2012.

Courtroom Attendee in Dallas TV Series released in 2012.

Dillion Fredricks in Party Girl TV Series released in 2014.

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