Which roles are played by Charles B. Fitzsimons | Characters played by Charles B. Fitzsimons

Charles B. Fitzsimons has played the role of Flag Lieutenant in Against All Flags Film released in 1952.

Dan Shanley in Captain Lightfoot Film released in 1955.

Himself, associate to Merian C. Cooper in Cinerama Adventure Film released in 2002.

Himself in Hollywood Screen Tests: Take 1 TV Film released in 1999.

Lt. Kelly in I Was a Male War Bride Film released in 1949.

Michael in Is Life Worth Living? TV Film released in 1949.

Himself in John Ford TV Film released in 1993.

Noel - Student in Les Miserables Film released in 1952.

Giles in The Black Shield of Falworth Film released in 1954.

Fire Officer in The Desert Rats Film released in 1953.

Kevin McCluskey in The Last Hurrah Film released in 1958.

Hugh Forbes in The Quiet Man Film released in 1952.

Chief Officer Wilde in Titanic Film released in 1953.

Capt. Wickham in What Price Glory Film released in 1952.

Himself - Producer in Biography TV Series released in 1987.

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