Which roles are played by Chris (I) Robson | Characters played by Chris (I) Robson

Chris (I) Robson has played the role of Reporter in Along Came a Spider Film released in 2001.

Ranger in Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers: To Live and Die in Starlight TV Film released in 2002.

Staff Member in Battle in Seattle Film released in 2007.

Maggie's Boyfriend in Becoming Dick TV Film released in 2000.

Jack's Dad in Chasing Christmas TV Film released in 2005.

Trainee #2 in Dark Water Film released in 2001.

Policeman in Greenmail Video released in 2002.

Father in Just Smile and Nod Film released in 2004.

KOMQ Reporter in Scary Movie Film released in 2000.

Pietro Testa/Additional Voices in The Godfather Film released in 2006.

Jerry Wagner/Johnny Tattaglia/Alfredo Arezzo in The Godfather: Blackhand Edition Film released in 2007.

Johnny Tattaglia/Cops in The Godfather: Mob Wars Film released in 2006.

Ronaldo Manning/Johnny Tattaglia/Jerry Wagner in The Godfather: The Don's Edition Film released in 2007.

Captain Gauche, The Courteous Crusader in The League of the Lefties Video released in 2003.

Larry in Wake-Up Call Film released in 2002.

Father of Family in Caprica TV Series released in 2009.

Reporter in Jeremiah TV Series released in 2002.

Co-Pilot in Level 9 TV Series released in 2000.

Jack Meyers in Painkiller Jane TV Series released in 2007.

Maytag Hogswallop in Point Blank TV Series released in 2002.

S.F. in Stargate SG-1 TV Series released in 1997.

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