Which roles are played by Christina Schimmel | Characters played by Christina Schimmel

Christina Schimmel has played the role of Natasja in Alison Undone Film released in 2015.

College Co-Ed in American Pie Presents The Naked Mile Video released in 2006.

Liam's Mom in Ashes Film released in 2016.

Yvette in Don't Wait Til Dawn Film released in 2015.

Employee 7 in Fin Film released in 2014.

Lidia in I Wish You Love Film released in 2014.

Mother in In Full Cry Film released in 2015.

Waitress in Something Bad Film released in 2015.

Becky in The Ghost Is a Lie Film released in 0.

Sergeant Amanda White in The Hospital Film released in 2013.

Sergeant White in The Hospital 2 Film released in 0.

Beth Dowling in You Found Me Film released in 2015.

Dixie in Body Language TV Series released in 2008.

Dancer #2 in Body Language TV Series released in 2008.

Victim #1 in Hannibal TV Series released in 2013.

Stephanie in Hard Bodied Lesbians from Mars TV Series released in 0.

Model in Jeff Ltd. TV Series released in 2005.

Brett Hoath in PScience TV Series released in 2012.

Office Girl in The Cleaner TV Series released in 2008.

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