Which roles are played by Christopher B. MacCabe | Characters played by Christopher B. MacCabe

Christopher B. MacCabe has played the role of Robert Devlin in Aftermath Film released in 2002.

Policeman in the House in Back Stab Film released in 1990.

Jury Man 2 in Bully Fighters Film released in 2014.

Cecil Balfour in Citizen Duane Film released in 2006.

Waiter in Cruising Bar Film released in 1989.

Sailor 1 in Elysian Fields Film released in 1998.

Photographer in Entangled Film released in 1993.

Race Track Man in Federal Protection TV Film released in 2002.

Liam in Gibraltar Film released in 2013.

Hanibal jeune in La vie d'un h�ros Film released in 1994.

Dan Willis in Ladies Room Film released in 1999.

Fighting Husband in Love, Sex and Eating the Bones Film released in 2003.

Father Kelly in Monbella and the Curse of 1809 Film released in 2009.

Attendant in Night's Noontime Film released in 2002.

Jesse in Now That We Know... Film released in 2006.

George in Scanners III: The Takeover Video released in 1991.

Couple #2 in Snake Eyes Film released in 1998.

Guard in The Struggle Film released in 2002.

Cop in The Wrong Woman Film released in 1995.

Ballroom Man #2 in Varian's War TV Film released in 2001.

Chris in With Friends Like These... Video released in 1991.

Detective Riddell in 72 Hours: True Crime TV Series released in 2003.

Delivery Man in Are You Afraid of the Dark? TV Series released in 1990.

Robin Hood in Back to Sherwood TV Series released in 1999.

Paul Carter in Blue Murder TV Series released in 2001.

Big Red in Claddagh TV Series released in 2012.

Madison in Kung Fu: The Legend Continues TV Series released in 1993.

Guard/Captain in Street Time TV Series released in 2002.

Dr. Brown/Azazel in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Date in Urban Angel TV Series released in 1991.

Orderly in Urban Angel TV Series released in 1991.

Motorcyclist in Wild Card TV Series released in 2003.

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