Which roles are played by Cici Lau | Characters played by Cici Lau

Cici Lau has played the role of Lilly in 30 Years Later Film released in 2015.

Mama Ling in Adventures of Johnny Tao Film released in 2007.

Rose in American Fusion Film released in 2005.

Chinese Woman in Breaking Dawn Film released in 2004.

Soon Li in Burning Palms Film released in 2010.

Mei Fa in Chinaman's Chance: America's Other Slaves Film released in 2008.

Kyoko Wung Su in Forever Young at Heart Film released in 2011.

Chinese Woman in Hop Film released in 2011.

Funeral Mourner in It's Dark Here Film released in 2013.

Mamasan in Johnny Raikou Video released in 2009.

LA Nail Technician in Legally Blonde Film released in 2001.

Aunt Mei in Love Arcadia Film released in 2015.

Housewife #1 in Man of a Thousand Faces Film released in 2008.

Old Thai Lady in Mantervention Film released in 2014.

May Wong in Metamorphosis Film released in 2015.

Mrs. Fan in Model Home Film released in 2015.

Grandma in My Spicy Grandma Film released in 2015.

Grandmother in Oyster Film released in 2012.

Mrs. Lee in Petals in the Wind Film released in 2011.

Mrs. Chen in Ping Pong Playa Film released in 2007.

Cleaning Lady in Scarlet Waiting Film released in 2005.

Carmen's Mom in Silent Goodbye Film released in 2015.

Granny Allie in Take Your Shot: G&G Adventures Film released in 2013.

Chinese Waitress in Talkin' Dirty After Dark Film released in 1991.

Amah in Thoughts Afar in Moonlight Film released in 2014.

Chen Meifeng in Touch Film released in 2015.

Mama Lee in Women Don't Fall from the Sky Film released in 2011.

Cleaners Owner in 10-8: Officers on Duty TV Series released in 2003.

Kiku Hahn in Arrest & Trial TV Series released in 2000.

Mei Wei in Breaking In TV Series released in 2011.

Woman at Mahjong in Brooklyn Nine-Nine TV Series released in 2013.

Mrs. An in ER TV Series released in 1994.

Trial Partner #1 in Grey's Anatomy TV Series released in 2005.

Po Po in Independent Lens TV Series released in 1999.

Korean Woman in Lucky TV Series released in 2003.

Server in Mike & Molly TV Series released in 2010.

Asian Woman in Robbery Homicide Division TV Series released in 2002.

Chinese Mama in Sons of Anarchy TV Series released in 2008.

Mrs. Hong in Strong Medicine TV Series released in 2000.

Dry Cleaning Lady in The Comeback TV Series released in 2005.

Fortune Teller in The Comedians TV Series released in 2015.

Woman #2 in The Michael Richards Show TV Series released in 2000.

Asian Woman in The Tick TV Series released in 2001.

Chinese Woman in Torchwood TV Series released in 2006.

Flower Lady in Whitney TV Series released in 2011.

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