Which roles are played by Danay Garcia | Characters played by Danay Garcia

Danay Garcia has played the role of Herself in 2009 Alma Awards TV Film released in 2009.

Sarah in Beyond Grace Film released in 2016.

Shereen Montes in Boost Film released in 2015.

Elena in Cenizas eternas Film released in 2011.

Sonora Garcia in Choices Film released in 2012.

Myra in Danika Film released in 2006.

Maria in From Mexico with Love Film released in 2009.

Maria in Havana, Habana Film released in 2007.

Coqui in Liz en Septiembre Film released in 2014.

Monica in Man Camp Film released in 2013.

Attractive P.A. in Peep World Film released in 2010.

Michelle Lopez in Rehab Film released in 2011.

Natalie Cruz in Widows Film released in 2015.

Camille Tavez in CSI: Miami TV Series released in 2002.

Flora Pollock in CSI: NY TV Series released in 2004.

Sofia Lugo in Prison Break TV Series released in 2005.

Ellie in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Which roles are played by Danay Garcia, name the characters played by Danay Garcia, list of roles potrayed by Danay Garcia

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