Which roles are played by Dave (I) Leach | Characters played by Dave (I) Leach

Dave (I) Leach has played the role of Dave in Dragon Puke Film released in 2012.

Cookie Man in Lying to Be Perfect TV Film released in 2010.

Mordecai in Scary Movie 4 Film released in 2006.

Matt in Sins of the Mother TV Film released in 2010.

Avery Treus in Zach & Avery of Fergus Film released in 2004.

Damien Lesley in Ariel Erisian TV Series released in 2012.

Marco Polo #1 in Eureka TV Series released in 2006.

Friend Two in Fringe TV Series released in 2008.

Rocker in How to Be an Actor TV Series released in 2013.

Axl Imitator in Kaya TV Series released in 2007.

Dave (2014) in Kits These Days TV Series released in 2014.

Himself in Second City's Next Comedy Legend TV Series released in 2007.

Barista in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

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