Which roles are played by David (I) Leland | Characters played by David (I) Leland

David (I) Leland has played the role of Felix, the Cook in 1917 Film released in 1970.

Himself - Narrator in Alan Clarke: Director Film released in 1991.

Himself in Digging for Britain Video released in 2011.

Humphrey in Gawain and the Green Knight Film released in 1973.

5th Plebian in Julius Caesar Film released in 1970.

Driver in Ligmalion: A Musical for the 80s TV Film released in 1985.

Peter in One Brief Summer Film released in 1970.

Mr. Pilkington in Personal Services Film released in 1987.

First Officer in Scars of Dracula Film released in 1970.

Himself in The 50 Greatest Television Dramas TV Film released in 2007.

Costume Designer in The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Espionage Escapades Video released in 2007.

Himself in The Making of 'Band of Brothers' TV Film released in 2001.

Long Haired Man at Gin Palace in The Missionary Film released in 1982.

Officer in The Pied Piper Film released in 1972.

Socrates Storekeeper in The White River Kid Film released in 1999.

Puppeteer in Time Bandits Film released in 1981.

Paul in Underground Film released in 1970.

Himself in Victoria Wood: Seen on TV TV Film released in 2009.

Ricciardo in Virgin Territory Film released in 2007.

Priest in When Saturday Comes Film released in 1996.

Acott in Barlow at Large TV Series released in 1971.

Nemov in BBC Play of the Month TV Series released in 1965.

Grange in Big Breadwinner Hog TV Series released in 1969.

Ferguson in Bull Week TV Series released in 1980.

Marcel Latour in Callan TV Series released in 1967.

Himself in Comedy Connections TV Series released in 2003.

Youth in Four People TV Series released in 1966.

Himself in Moving Pictures TV Series released in 1990.

Mackay in Parkin's Patch TV Series released in 1969.

Football Manager in Ripping Yarns TV Series released in 1976.

Darby in Sat'day While Sunday TV Series released in 1967.

Dr. Mortimer in Sherlock Holmes TV Series released in 1964.

Murray in Target TV Series released in 1977.

Peter of Capus in The Devil's Crown TV Series released in 1978.

Majikthise in The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy TV Series released in 1981.

Captain Purvis in The Jewel in the Crown TV Series released in 1984.

David Gamut in The Last of the Mohicans TV Series released in 1971.

Franco in The Queen Street Gang TV Series released in 1968.

Costume Designer in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles TV Series released in 1992.

Madame Arthur in Van der Valk TV Series released in 1972.

Agricola in Warrior Queen TV Series released in 1978.

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