Which roles are played by David (III) Post | Characters played by David (III) Post

David (III) Post has played the role of Company Clerk in Call Me Mister Film released in 1951.

Bellboy in Painting the Clouds with Sunshine Film released in 1951.

Sonarman Lewis in The Enemy Below Film released in 1957.

Mike Fancher in The Secret of Convict Lake Film released in 1951.

Allan in Father Knows Best TV Series released in 1954.

Barry Berwyn in Front Row Center TV Series released in 1955.

Leevack Charaine in I Led 3 Lives TV Series released in 1953.

Hugh in Meet McGraw TV Series released in 1957.

Wounded Trooper in Telephone Time TV Series released in 1956.

David in The Californians TV Series released in 1957.

Boy in Trackdown TV Series released in 1957.

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