Which roles are played by Debbon Ayer | Characters played by Debbon Ayer

Debbon Ayer has played the role of Shoe Store Mother in Accepted Film released in 2006.

Gwen in Addicted to Love Film released in 1997.

Joanne in Altered Reality Film released in 2015.

Party Guest in An Empty Bed Film released in 1990.

Betty in Barcelona Film released in 1994.

Vera Cox in Bix Film released in 1991.

Martha Leary in Death and Cremation Film released in 2010.

Joel's Mother in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Film released in 2004.

Young Ruth Hale in Ethan Frome Film released in 1993.

Ruth Slobo in Freeway Killer Film released in 2010.

Faye in Garden State Film released in 2004.

Passerby Girl 1 in I Shot Andy Warhol Film released in 1996.

Amanda in Jennifer Eight Film released in 1992.

Heather in Sam the Man Film released in 2001.

Bendel's Sales Person in Simply Irresistible Film released in 1999.

Jean in Tadpole Film released in 2000.

Tour Guide in The Devil's Own Film released in 1997.

Betty in The Last Days of Disco Film released in 1998.

Merris in The Waiting Game Film released in 1999.

Emilia Brooks in Bones TV Series released in 2005.

Denise Washington in Joan of Arcadia TV Series released in 2003.

Kim Diehl in Judging Amy TV Series released in 1999.

Dana Grobman in Law & Order TV Series released in 1990.

Mrs. Douglas in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit TV Series released in 1999.

Therapist in Make It or Break It TV Series released in 2009.

Sarah Fisher in Numb3rs TV Series released in 2005.

Mindy in Sex and the City TV Series released in 1998.

Mrs. McAllister in Third Watch TV Series released in 1999.

Herself in VH1: All Access TV Series released in 2003.

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