Which roles are played by Denalda Williams | Characters played by Denalda Williams

Denalda Williams has played the role of Yvonne in A Cooler Climate TV Film released in 1999.

Natalie in A Mother's Justice TV Film released in 1991.

Desk Sergeant in Another Stakeout Film released in 1993.

Suzanne's Co-Worker in Are We There Yet? Film released in 2005.

Doctor's Assistant in Bingo Film released in 1991.

Talent agent in Breaking Point Film released in 1994.

Vera in Cafe Romeo Film released in 1992.

Head Nurse in Chaos Theory Film released in 2008.

Olga in Cousins Film released in 1989.

Jeanette in Distant Thunder Film released in 1988.

Hostess in Double, Double Toil and Trouble TV Film released in 1993.

Van Driver's Wife in Ernest Rides Again Film released in 1993.

Nina in Fighting for My Daughter TV Film released in 1995.

Davis Maid in Heartbreakers Film released in 2001.

Wanda in Honor Student TV Film released in 2014.

Step Magazine in Intersection Film released in 1994.

Dottie in Lucky Numbers Film released in 2000.

Wilson's secretary in Moment of Truth: Broken Pledges TV Film released in 1994.

Janet in Not Our Son TV Film released in 1995.

Linda - Waitress in Someone Else's Child TV Film released in 1994.

The Den Mother in Sorority Sluts 3: Spring Break! Video released in 0.

Farol Bernie in Stakeout Film released in 1987.

Airport Guard in Still Not Quite Human TV Film released in 1992.

Sarah's Mother on Phone in The Accused Film released in 1988.

Elinor Groves in The Other Mother: A Moment of Truth Movie TV Film released in 1995.

Rhonda in Tokyo Cowboy Film released in 1994.

Leslie in 21 Jump Street TV Series released in 1987.

Barb in Danger Bay TV Series released in 1984.

Madam in Dead Man's Gun TV Series released in 1997.

Ellen in Disneyland TV Series released in 1954.

Angry Mother in Freaks and Geeks TV Series released in 1999.

Gertie in MacGyver TV Series released in 1985.

Police Officer in Malcolm in the Middle TV Series released in 2000.

Joan in Men in Trees TV Series released in 2006.

Mrs. Obendorff in Romeo! TV Series released in 2003.

Becky's Manager in Six Feet Under TV Series released in 2001.

Ticket Clerk in Strange Luck TV Series released in 1995.

Doris in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Heavy Set Woman in The Commish TV Series released in 1991.

Truck Stop Waitress in The Dead Zone TV Series released in 2002.

Joan North in The L Word TV Series released in 2004.

Joam Noord in The L Word TV Series released in 2004.

Yvette in The New Addams Family TV Series released in 1998.

Marilyn in The X Files TV Series released in 1993.

Zirinka in The X Files TV Series released in 1993.

Herself in Whose Line Is It Anyway? TV Series released in 1988.

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