Which roles are played by Dewi (I) Williams | Characters played by Dewi (I) Williams

Dewi (I) Williams has played the role of Jem in Arwyr TV Film released in 2008.

Alan in Cymer Dy Si�r Film released in 1999.

William in I Fro Breuddwydion TV Film released in 1987.

Baron in Ironclad Film released in 2011.

Background person in Jack the Giant Killer Film released in 2013.

Swansea's Custom Man in Mr. Nice Film released in 2010.

Martin Geyle in Nightwatching Film released in 2007.

Sailor in Sherlock Holmes Video released in 2010.

Bryn Jenkins in Tir TV Film released in 2013.

DS Hopkins in A Mind to Kill TV Series released in 1994.

Stephen James in Caerdydd TV Series released in 2006.

Aldo Ravioli in High Hopes TV Series released in 2002.

Anthony in Pen Talar TV Series released in 2010.

Bleddyn Matthews in Pobol y Cwm TV Series released in 1974.

Mervyn Tuddy in The District Nurse TV Series released in 1984.

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