Which roles are played by Donal Cox | Characters played by Donal Cox

Donal Cox has played the role of Mr. Duncan in A Tragedy Film released in 2013.

Jury Foreman in Beyond Reason TV Film released in 1995.

Ray in Blueberry Cupcakes Film released in 2015.

Gunter's Father in Coma Film released in 2012.

Richard in Helen's Richard Film released in 2012.

Henry Socrates in Mr. S Film released in 2013.

Old Man in Night in a Hotel Film released in 2012.

Tom in Philadelphia, Here I Come Film released in 1975.

Michael in Round Ireland with a Fridge Film released in 2010.

Albert Ryan (older) in The Craftsman Film released in 2012.

Heinz in The Crossing Film released in 2007.

Priest in The Double Film released in 2013.

Wilfred in The Last Birthday Film released in 2015.

Priest in The Rite Film released in 2015.

Graham in The Secret Life of Butterflies Film released in 2012.

Narrator/shopkeeper in Thyme Film released in 2012.

The Ball Master in Without a Paddle Film released in 2015.

Dr. Brian Morley in General Hospital TV Series released in 1972.

Doctor in Howards' Way TV Series released in 1985.

Francis O'Neil in ITV Playhouse TV Series released in 1967.

Priest in Life's Too Short TV Series released in 2011.

Kinky Pete in Matroesjka's 2 TV Series released in 2008.

2nd Officer in Once Upon a Time TV Series released in 1973.

Cpl. Doyle in Special Branch TV Series released in 1969.

Milo in The Sinners TV Series released in 1970.

Jerry in Z Cars TV Series released in 1962.

Bamber in Z Cars TV Series released in 1962.

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