Which roles are played by Edward Dogliani | Characters played by Edward Dogliani

Edward Dogliani has played the role of The Negotiator in Coppers Film released in 2009.

Policeman in Full Firearms Film released in 2012.

Rattleshirt in Game of Thrones: Season 2 - Invitation to the Set Video released in 2012.

Ross in Jump Film released in 2008.

Dominic Strayhorn in Open Mic Film released in 2014.

Traffic Warden in ROFLMAO Film released in 2012.

Corry in Scintilla Film released in 2014.

Himself in The Zebras of Jack Tizard TV Film released in 2009.

Dan in Twins Film released in 2009.

Nasty Man in VGL-Hung! Film released in 2007.

Rattleshirt in Game of Thrones TV Series released in 2011.

Joe - Omnibus Driver in The Mystery of Edwin Drood TV Series released in 2012.

Which roles are played by Edward Dogliani, name the characters played by Edward Dogliani, list of roles potrayed by Edward Dogliani

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