Which roles are played by Elena Esovolova | Characters played by Elena Esovolova

Elena Esovolova has played the role of Maddie in A Match Made in Heaven Film released in 2009.

The Actress in Amazon Falls Film released in 2010.

Cougar in Dr. Cabbie Film released in 2014.

Margret Sapphire in Grow the Fuck Up! Film released in 2010.

Apocalypse surviver in Tainted Film released in 2006.

Party Girl in The Gutter Diaries Film released in 2006.

Cafe Girl in The Seer Film released in 2010.

Nancy in The Wingman Film released in 2012.

Wife in Till Death Film released in 2009.

Karen in Unhinged Film released in 2006.

Patty Wedgerman in Hellcats TV Series released in 2010.

Starla in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Which roles are played by Elena Esovolova, name the characters played by Elena Esovolova, list of roles potrayed by Elena Esovolova

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