Which roles are played by Elizabeth (I) Kronenberger | Characters played by Elizabeth (I) Kronenberger

Elizabeth (I) Kronenberger has played the role of Party Guest in Brooklyn Pizza Film released in 2011.

Baby Doll in Bubblegum Smackers Film released in 2011.

Angel in Dream Weaver Chronicles Volume 2 Video released in 2011.

Girl at Reaping in The 47th Hunger Games Film released in 2012.

Sailboat in The Wind Film released in 2012.

Rec-N-Doodle Kid in Tooth Fairy 2 Video released in 2012.

Elizabeth in BJ's Teddy Bear Club & Bible Stories TV Series released in 2008.

Daughter in Dr. G: Medical Examiner TV Series released in 2004.

Young Aileen Wuornos in Reel Crime/Real Story TV Series released in 2012.

Which roles are played by Elizabeth (I) Kronenberger, name the characters played by Elizabeth (I) Kronenberger, list of roles potrayed by Elizabeth (I) Kronenberger

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