Which roles are played by Eric DaRe | Characters played by Eric DaRe

Eric DaRe has played the role of Bernie in Critters 4 Film released in 1992.

Anthony the Bouncer in Dead Connection Film released in 1994.

Doctor in Delivering Milo Film released in 2001.

Male Surfer #1 in Into the Homeland TV Film released in 1987.

Bartender in Lured Innocence Film released in 2000.

Randall McSwain in Number One Fan Film released in 1995.

Digiacomo in Playing God Film released in 1997.

Guard in Poodle Springs TV Film released in 1998.

Chris in Silent Night, Deadly Night III: Better Watch Out! Video released in 1989.

Medic in Starship Troopers Film released in 1997.

Male Partygoer in Ted Bundy Film released in 2002.

Apartment Manager in The Disappearance of Kevin Johnson Film released in 1996.

Venokur in The Takeover Video released in 1995.

Leo Johnson in Twin Peaks/Cop Rock: Behind the Scenes TV Film released in 1990.

Leo Johnson in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me Film released in 1992.

Nenji Yoshioka in NieA under 7 TV Series released in 2000.

Maxwell in SeaQuest DSV TV Series released in 1993.

Tyrone in The Flash TV Series released in 1990.

Himself in The Phil Donahue Show TV Series released in 1967.

Leo Johnson in Twin Peaks TV Series released in 1990.

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