Which roles are played by Filomena Spagnuolo | Characters played by Filomena Spagnuolo

Filomena Spagnuolo has played the role of Fat Anthony's Grandmother in Easy Money Film released in 1983.

Old Lady in Gloria Film released in 1980.

Uncle Sal's Mother in Moscow on the Hudson Film released in 1984.

Old Lady on Street in Next Stop, Greenwich Village Film released in 1976.

Angelo's Mother in Nunzio Film released in 1978.

Fan at Hotel Arrival in Stardust Memories Film released in 1980.

Mary, the counterwoman in Strike Force TV Film released in 1975.

Old Lady in Tempest Film released in 1982.

Extra in Wedding Scene in The Godfather Film released in 1972.

Extra in The Godfather Trilogy: 1901-1980 Video released in 1992.

Extra in Little Italy in The Godfather: Part II Film released in 1974.

Vinny's Mother in The Last Horror Film Film released in 1982.

Old Lady Sitting Next to Eddie Outside Courtroom in Vigilante Film released in 1983.

Extra in The Godfather: A Novel for Television TV Series released in 1977.

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