Which roles are played by Fletcher Allen | Characters played by Fletcher Allen

Fletcher Allen has played the role of Flight Dispatcher in A Gathering of Eagles Film released in 1963.

Dispatcher in Airport Film released in 1970.

Drunk in Dear Heart Film released in 1964.

Reporter in Fitzwilly Film released in 1967.

Fur Truck Driver in Lover Come Back Film released in 1961.

Sailor in Mister Buddwing Film released in 1966.

Policeman on Steps in Psycho Film released in 1960.

Military Man in Quick Before It Melts Film released in 1964.

Mystery man in The Lady Lovelace Deception System Film released in 2002.

Assailant in Wet Floor Film released in 2004.

Bailiff in Adam-12 TV Series released in 1968.

Becker in Bonanza TV Series released in 1959.

The Man in Leave It to Beaver TV Series released in 1957.

Orderly in Playhouse 90 TV Series released in 1956.

Truck Driver in Route 66 TV Series released in 1960.

Lab Examiner in The F.B.I. TV Series released in 1965.

Electronics Man in The F.B.I. TV Series released in 1965.

Special Agent in The F.B.I. TV Series released in 1965.

Court Clerk in The Young Lawyers TV Series released in 1969.

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