Which roles are played by Ford Austin | Characters played by Ford Austin

Ford Austin has played the role of Zeebo in 2010: A Kitchen Odyssey Film released in 2005.

Biff the Fratboy in All-American Murder Video released in 1991.

Danny's father in Bambi Cottages TV Film released in 2014.

Agent Campbell in Beastly Butchers Video released in 2007.

Father Sam Lameroux in Blood Mask: The Possession of Nicole Lameroux Video released in 2007.

The Talker in Carnies Video released in 2010.

Johnny Eight-ball in Cerebral Print: File #371 Film released in 2003.

Sir Lord William J. Dillingsworth Pickenstripe XIV Count Earl of Duke in Cerebral Print: The Secret Files Film released in 2005.

Snooty Ego-driven French Auteur in Cineme' Fabrique No. 1 Film released in 2006.

Boyfriend in Co-Incidence Film released in 2002.

Car Wash Guy in Commute Film released in 2009.

Lt. Cmdr. Snake Eyes in Creepies 2 Video released in 2005.

Jeffrey Dahmer in Dahmer vs. Gacy Film released in 2010.

John in Dark Readings Film released in 2009.

Harvey in Dead in Love Film released in 2009.

Homeless Guy #1 (Segment "Hexed") in Dead Things Video released in 2005.

Agent Bruce Campbell in Deadly Culture Video released in 2007.

Bob in Dog Gone: A True Story Film released in 2003.

Donny (Segment "Heartbreaker") in Dust to Dust Film released in 2006.

Harvey in Evil Ever After Video released in 2006.

Reporter in Fallen Film released in 1998.

Mr. Pasternak in Falling Down Film released in 2010.

Jack in Falling Down 2 Film released in 2015.

Darwin in Family Tree Film released in 2003.

Lamberty in Fitz and Slade TV Film released in 2013.

Wilbur in Goin' Guerrilla Film released in 2013.

Rogue Agent in Government/Government Film released in 2013.

Agent Krabapowitz in Governmentia Film released in 2005.

Shaving Cream Man in Grappling with your Demons Film released in 2008.

Steve in Guns, Hookers & a Pound of Coke Film released in 2016.

Benny Wasserman in Heels Film released in 2015.

The Time Fucker in Hi, I Killed the World Film released in 2008.

Jim in Hoops: It's Not Just a Game Film released in 2010.

David in III: Ouroboros Film released in 2013.

Professional Actor in Insignificant Celluloid Film released in 2011.

Jimmie Fingers in iPhone Dance Dance Revolution Video released in 2007.

Himself in Make Your Own Damn Movie! Video released in 2005.

Manstray in Manstray Film released in 2006.

Rapist Cop in Mob Daze Film released in 2002.

Detective Schiller in Noirland Film released in 2015.

Doolittle Pilot in Pearl Harbor Film released in 2001.

Rick Richards in Porkchop Film released in 2010.

Sac Command in Psychon Invaders Video released in 2006.

Dylan Scottsdale in Radical Film released in 2011.

Jake Walsh in Rat Scratch Fever Film released in 2011.

Billy Dunshee in Shank's Mare Film released in 2004.

Shaving Cream Man in Shaving Cream Man Solution Show Film released in 2008.

Mr. Von Brausen in Showgirls 2: Penny's from Heaven Film released in 2011.

Sergio in Six Pack Sam Film released in 2015.

Himself in SKAcumentary Film released in 2009.

The Doctor in Slaughter Party Video released in 2006.

Sizzle in Soir�e Film released in 2003.

Todd in Tales of Absolute Debauchery Film released in 2010.

Derrick Sr. in Terminal Film released in 2006.

News Chopper Cameraman in The Amazing Bulk Video released in 2013.

Himself in The Commuter Talk Show Film released in 2008.

The Detective in The Ghostmaker Film released in 2012.

Loverello in Trasharella in Space Film released in 2011.

Reginald in Zombie Babies Video released in 2011.

Chief of Army Corps of Engineers (1998) in Another World TV Series released in 1964.

Pasternak in Blossom TV Series released in 1990.

Himself in Channel 101: The Musical TV Series released in 2005.

Gerrard in Charlie's Angels TV Series released in 1976.

Mike in CHiPs TV Series released in 1977.

Java Cafe Manager in Days of Our Lives TV Series released in 1965.

Himself in Eye on Entertainment TV Series released in 2005.

Himself in Family Business TV Series released in 2003.

Todd in Family Ties TV Series released in 1982.

Himself in Greed TV Series released in 1999.

TV Announcer in Lee Martin's The Midnight Hour TV Series released in 2008.

Himself in Lingo TV Series released in 2002.

Orphan 2 in Magnum, P.I. TV Series released in 1980.

Americano in Making Mistakes TV Series released in 2008.

Colt Caldwell in MKC: The Monster Killers Club TV Series released in 2010.

Dahmer in Ms. Vampy TV Series released in 2009.

Emt #2 in Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide TV Series released in 2004.

Baliff Steve Klesmer in Night Court TV Series released in 1984.

Ashley Montague The Fifth in Room for Rent TV Series released in 2011.

Various in Saturday Night Live TV Series released in 1975.

Todd in Saved by the Bell TV Series released in 1989.

Baby Turp in Sigmund and the Sea Monsters TV Series released in 1973.

Mr. Smith in Strong Medicine TV Series released in 2000.

Homeless Kid #2 in The A-Team TV Series released in 1983.

Lemmy in The Adventures of Dugg & Lemmy TV Series released in 2012.

Porn Star in The Andy Dick Show TV Series released in 2001.

Various in The Angry Baby Monkey Show TV Series released in 2012.

Dr. Kincaid in The Flash TV Series released in 2015.

Street Kid 2 in The Streets of San Francisco TV Series released in 1972.

Student 2 in The Wonder Years TV Series released in 1988.

Wilbur Wright in The Wright Stuff TV Series released in 2005.

Glenn Frey in Yacht Rock TV Series released in 2005.

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