Which roles are played by Frankie Thorn | Characters played by Frankie Thorn

Frankie Thorn has played the role of Lady in Hotel in Babe Ruth TV Film released in 1991.

Rhonda in Bad Blood Film released in 1994.

The Nun in Bad Lieutenant Film released in 1992.

Angela Howard in Doublecross on Costa's Island Film released in 1997.

Jessica Light in He Was a Quiet Man Film released in 2007.

Paula in Liquid Dreams Film released in 1991.

Judy in Lisa Film released in 1990.

Donna's Customer in Stigmata Film released in 1999.

Angela Howard in Taken Alive Film released in 1995.

Lisa in Warm Texas Rain Video released in 2000.

Girlfriend at Audition in Welcome to Hollywood Film released in 1998.

Narcissa in Mike Hammer, Private Eye TV Series released in 1997.

Judith in The Flash TV Series released in 1990.

Which roles are played by Frankie Thorn, name the characters played by Frankie Thorn, list of roles potrayed by Frankie Thorn

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