Which roles are played by Frederick Volpe | Characters played by Frederick Volpe

Frederick Volpe has played the role of Harky in Altar Chains Film released in 1916.

Canon Boase in Bed and Breakfast Film released in 1930.

Skipper in Captivation Film released in 1931.

Baillie in Les cloches de Corneville Film released in 1917.

Sir Charles Bundleman in Lord Richard in the Pantry Film released in 1930.

Mr. Goodheart in Once Upon a Time Film released in 1918.

Samuel Pickwick in The Adventures of Mr. Pickwick Film released in 1921.

Sir George Hazlitt in The Labour Leader Film released in 1917.

Lord Chamberlain in The Lifeguardsman Film released in 1916.

Adm. Sir Herbert Hewitt in The Middle Watch Film released in 1930.

Mr. Cheal in The Profligate Film released in 1917.

Murderer in The Real Thing at Last Film released in 1916.

Sir Trevor Petersham in The Wrong Mr. Perkins Film released in 1931.

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