Which roles are played by Galina Dolgozvyaga | Characters played by Galina Dolgozvyaga

Galina Dolgozvyaga has played the role of Vera in Dama s popugaem Film released in 1988.

Teacher in Kazhdyy vecher posle raboty Film released in 1974.

Oksana in Pravo na lyubov Film released in 1977.

Lyuba in Premyera v Sosnovke Film released in 1986.

Village Woman in Propavshaya gramota Film released in 1972.

Olga Trofimovna in Zhaloba Film released in 1986.

Which roles are played by Galina Dolgozvyaga, name the characters played by Galina Dolgozvyaga, list of roles potrayed by Galina Dolgozvyaga

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