Which roles are played by Garth Wilton | Characters played by Garth Wilton

Garth Wilton has played the role of Mr. Scott in 919 Fifth Avenue TV Film released in 2000.

Houseman in A Fine Mess Film released in 1986.

George the Butler in Disorderlies Film released in 1987.

Jimmy in It's a Small Life Film released in 1997.

Dr. T in Jane Bond Film released in 2001.

Woodward in Jealousy TV Film released in 1984.

Pearl Collector in Joliana Film released in 1999.

Professor Richardson in Killer Me Film released in 2001.

British Consul in The Favorite Film released in 1989.

1st Class Waiter in Titanic Film released in 1997.

The Valet in Cover Up TV Series released in 1984.

Doctor in Crossings TV Series released in 1986.

Professor Jeffries in Diagnosis Murder TV Series released in 1993.

Cecil Bainbridge in Hart to Hart TV Series released in 1979.

Hotel Manager in Matlock TV Series released in 1986.

Sailor #1 in Mr. Belvedere TV Series released in 1985.

Detective in Quantum Leap TV Series released in 1989.

Curator in Santa Barbara TV Series released in 1984.

Mr. Vermeer in The Fall Guy TV Series released in 1981.

James in The Jeffersons TV Series released in 1975.

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