Which roles are played by George (I) David | Characters played by George (I) David

George (I) David has played the role of Palace Guard in Lost in a Harem Film released in 1944.

Syrian Proprietor in Side Street Film released in 1949.

Conductor in Temptation Film released in 1946.

Suristani in The Charge of the Light Brigade Film released in 1936.

Cynials Coleman the Cornet in The Orpheans TV Film released in 1956.

Telegraph Clerk in The Sheik Steps Out Film released in 1937.

Minor Role in The Swim Princess Film released in 1928.

Tommy Trouble in Welsh Rarebit TV Film released in 1952.

Filing Clerk in Barlow at Large TV Series released in 1971.

Evan Evans in Davy Jones TV Series released in 1964.

Harris in Ramar of the Jungle TV Series released in 1952.

Which roles are played by George (I) David, name the characters played by George (I) David, list of roles potrayed by George (I) David

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