Which roles are played by Gina (I) Diaz | Characters played by Gina (I) Diaz

Gina (I) Diaz has played the role of Wedding Guest in 28 Days Film released in 2000.

Club Patron in American Psycho Film released in 2000.

Woman in the Club in City of Gold Film released in 2016.

Student in Cruel Intentions Film released in 1999.

Party Guest in Down to You Film released in 2000.

Subway Rider in Finding Forrester Film released in 2000.

Baseball Fan in For Love of the Game Film released in 1999.

Kid at the Park in Kids Film released in 1995.

Jessy in Latin Assassins Film released in 2012.

Wall Street Onlooker in Money Monster Film released in 2015.

Nun in Serbis Film released in 2008.

Protester in Summer of Sam Film released in 1999.

Officer Ruiz in Thanksgiving Day Film released in 2014.

NYPD Officer in The Bone Collector Film released in 1999.

Pedestrian Onlooker in The Bonfire of the Vanities Film released in 1990.

Gotham City Police Officer in The Dark Knight Rises Film released in 2012.

Police Officer in The Lion's Den Film released in 2015.

Cynthia in The Outskirts Film released in 2015.

Vampire in Vamp Bikers Film released in 0.

Nosy Neighbor in A.K.A. Jessica Jones TV Series released in 2015.

NYC Resident in A.K.A. Jessica Jones TV Series released in 2015.

Passenger in Pan Am TV Series released in 2011.

Anniversary Guest in Shades of Blue TV Series released in 2015.

Jenny in The Jim Gaffigan Show TV Series released in 2015.

The Whistleblower (2013) in The Psychotics TV Series released in 2013.

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