Which roles are played by Gisela Dreyer | Characters played by Gisela Dreyer

Gisela Dreyer has played the role of M?dchen in Der unterbrochene Akt TV Film released in 1970.

Doris in Ein Mord am Lietzensee TV Film released in 1978.

Ute in Meine Sorgen m�cht' ich haben Film released in 1975.

Frau Nagold in Stern ohne Himmel Film released in 1980.

Nana Smith in Titanic TV Film released in 1984.

Miriam in Wind in den Zweigen des Sassafras TV Film released in 1968.

Renate Moll in Der Alte TV Series released in 1977.

Marion Schenk in Der Kommissar TV Series released in 1969.

Jenny in Der Tod l�uft hinterher TV Series released in 1967.

Erika in Tatort TV Series released in 1970.

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