Which roles are played by Gregory Gast | Characters played by Gregory Gast

Gregory Gast has played the role of Dept. Store Clerk in Boyle Heights Film released in 2010.

Captain Jack in Flaw & Order Film released in 2005.

Pat Boone in Little Richard TV Film released in 2000.

Truck Seller in Mud Man Film released in 2012.

Greg in Performance Film released in 2008.

Dr. Harper in The Boogeyman Film released in 2013.

Harlon McVicker in The Eden Formula TV Film released in 2006.

Ralph in The Flipside... Film released in 2011.

Echo in The Killing Room Film released in 2009.

Waiter in The Polar Express Film released in 2004.

Professor in Power Rangers Wild Force TV Series released in 2002.

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