Which roles are played by Heidi Paine | Characters played by Heidi Paine

Heidi Paine has played the role of Lisa Jordan in Alien Seed Film released in 1989.

Candy Carlson in Blood, Sweat and Bullets Film released in 1990.

Lt. Bartok in Electric Blue 53 Video released in 1987.

Girl No. 1 in Emmanuelle 5 Film released in 1987.

Cake Lady in Glitch! Film released in 1988.

Perfect Girl #8 in In Search of... the Perfect '10' Film released in 1986.

Trish in Lethal Games Film released in 1991.

Liz Brown in Midnight Warrior Film released in 1989.

Carley Pointer in New York's Finest Video released in 1990.

Jane in Nudity Required Film released in 1990.

Party Girl in Road House Film released in 1989.

Tina in Skin Deep Film released in 1989.

Topless Girl in Terminal Exposure Film released in 1987.

Dancee in Wildest Dreams Film released in 1990.

Melina in Wizards of the Demon Sword Film released in 1991.

Christa in Super Force TV Series released in 1990.

Swamp Maiden in Swamp Thing TV Series released in 1990.

Which roles are played by Heidi Paine, name the characters played by Heidi Paine, list of roles potrayed by Heidi Paine

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