Which roles are played by Holly Hawkins | Characters played by Holly Hawkins

Holly Hawkins has played the role of Woman with Large Nose in Red Queen Court in Alice in Wonderland Film released in 2010.

Teacher in Charlie Puth: Marvin Gaye ft. Meghan Trainor Video released in 2015.

Human Resources Manager in Class TV Film released in 2010.

Magda in Closure Film released in 2012.

Blaze in End of the Innocents Film released in 2011.

Kathy in Hollywood's Heart Film released in 2006.

Additional Voices in Murdered: Soul Suspect Film released in 2014.

Nancy Bennett in Once Upon a Zipper Film released in 2014.

Madame Wayne in Rogue TV Film released in 2012.

Nicole Russell - Evan's Mom in Spring Film released in 2014.

Teacher in The Darkness is Close Behind Film released in 2011.

Widow Spence in The Glass Eye Film released in 2006.

Katia de la Sena in The Head of the Mouse Film released in 2015.

the Principal in Thermopylae Film released in 2005.

Stacey Bates in Winner Film released in 2012.

Jane in Criminal Minds TV Series released in 2005.

Dr. Angela Sturman in Revenge TV Series released in 2011.

Patient in Strong Medicine TV Series released in 2000.

Serafine - Tarot Card Reader in The Young and the Restless TV Series released in 1973.

Uppity Townswoman in True Blood TV Series released in 2008.

Churchgoer Woman in True Blood TV Series released in 2008.

Townie Woman in True Blood TV Series released in 2008.

Which roles are played by Holly Hawkins, name the characters played by Holly Hawkins, list of roles potrayed by Holly Hawkins

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