Which roles are played by Isabelle Daintry | Characters played by Isabelle Daintry

Isabelle Daintry has played the role of Snip Devine in At Bay for a Day Film released in 1914.

The Object of Their Affections in Daddy's Double Film released in 1910.

Ida - the Needham's Servant in How Ida Got a Husband Film released in 1915.

Mrs. Jones in Making Himself a Hero Film released in 1913.

The Fairy Prince in Once Upon a Time Film released in 1913.

Leading Role in Such a Business Film released in 1914.

Margaret Babcock in The Fortunes of Margaret Film released in 1914.

Which roles are played by Isabelle Daintry, name the characters played by Isabelle Daintry, list of roles potrayed by Isabelle Daintry

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